About Us

 The Apartment.

The Apartment stands on clay soil, and huge boulders underneath. Rocks found around the apartment were unearthed during the laying of the foundation.

The Aotriz Apartments have 6 units, and an office in front. Every door of the apartment came from an old ruined elementary school in Pangasinan, while all wooden furnishings were crafted from Tarlac.  It's old simple design keeps us in remembrance of Filipino heritage. 

The Apartments' interior walls and floors are bright in color to reflect cleanliness.  While the exterior surroundings is green from various trees and plants - haven for birds.

How We Started.

Construction began in May 2009, while operation started October.

Originally designed as a regular apartment at the early stage of construction. Each room is like a small house - spacious bathroom, a walled bedroom, with its own kitchen, dining, and living room.

Until in the middle of the construction, we decided to add furnishings and equipment that a traveler would basically need.

What We Don't Have.. and Why We Don't Have Them

Towels / Toothpaste / Toothbrush / Bath Soap

We do not supply our guests with these because just by adding these things in the bathroom adds up to the cost that majority of guests do not want. And we all thought that they are generous giving it away for free. Guests use it only because they already "paid" for it, or in other words they were already included in the bill.   We do not force guests to use what they do not want.  But in case of emergency, we have stores across, and beside the apartment.  Also, we have these things available too, at minimal cost.

Hot Water Under The Shower

The Aotriz Apartments provides hot water in selected rooms only.


 What Makes Us Different?

What makes the Aotriz Apartments different from others is the price, the appliances that we put in for you, the cleanliness and security.

Breathe Clean Air Inside the Apartment Unit

The Aotriz Apartments do not allow smoking in the confines of the apartment unit.  Ashtrays are provided and designate the hut, or the isle as smoking areas.

Also know that smoking on all public places is prohibited by law (Republic Act 9211)